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Tax liens Form: What You Should Know

Tender Form Search Tool at City of Victoria Website. 2. If I buy a tax sale property do I need to pay the GST /HST on the purchase price? The property is not considered taxable in the Province of Nova Scotia until it's Taxable Property status has been reached. That is, you do not have to pay GST/HST once the property has been Taxable Property. 3. Should I use my own money or borrow against my property? The CRA recommends that you borrow against your property if you choose to do so. Do not use your own money to pay for a tax sale property. Instead, use the cash you currently have available to you.  Selling Property and Credit Insurance Coverage What are my obligations when I sell property? Generally, you must file or renew a certificate of sale within two years of the date you buy the property.  When can you file a certificate of sale in your name using the Canada Revenue Agency website? The term Certificate of Sale does not refer to any specific date, but rather refers to the document by which you declare that all the facts and circumstances necessary to support your claim for relief from the tax payable on the purchase sale of a real or personalty, real or personalty property have been established. It has been determined that the sales tax on real property in the City of Victoria and the municipality of Oak Bay is due to be repealed. It is the intention of the Government to provide a transitional period wherein the sales tax remains in place, but this is subject to being amended. If I am a tenant, tenant's insurance does not cover the property against loss of its value unless the insurance policy has a property specific exclusion. Sale of Residential Property with an Exemption What is a Sale of Residential Property with an Exemption, and how can I find out my rights? To qualify for an exemption, a property must be exempt from the sales tax on the first 200,000 of gross sales income. Exemption means that the exemptions and credits available for residential property in an individual's name apply to the unit that is subject to that individual's tax assessment. Residential properties are subject to the sales tax in accordance with the Sales and Use Tax Act (SUVA). If a purchaser is using a registered purchaser exemption with respect to a purchase of a residential property at any time and the property's assessment is to be reduced in one of the following ways, that purchaser is not exempt.

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FAQ - Tax liens

Is it legal to sell your house for $1 assuming itu2019s a clean deed with no outstanding liens?
Yes, you can sell your house for whatever you want, however, if you sell it to a family member or a friend for a steeply discounted price, you will need to declare the real value, and itemize it against your annual and lifetime exemption of gifts against the state tax. You see, there is no such thing as a u201cGift tax.u201d However, there is an Estate Tax. Currently the lifetime exemption is $11.2 million dollars. That means if the house is worth $11.3 million dollars, and you sell it for $1, There will be an estate tax for you to pay on $99,999. Some call it a gift tax, but it is all the same thing. Anyhow, No matter what the house is worth, there will be IRS forms to fill out, and the value of the house will be placed against your lifetime exemption.In the end, it is not worth selling a house for $1. You are much better off letting them live there rent free, and inheriting the house when you die. The tax benefits of inheriting are substantial. Find an estate planner and get the real poop. Arrange your estate as they see fit, and remember, they build the tax system to catch people like you. Those who are rich enough and smart enough to hire good lawyers are able to get around it. Thatu2019s how the system is rigged against the average guy. The rich people get smart people to do stuff for them that they canu2019t do for themselves. The poor people ask on Quora. You may save $1000 by asking here, and cost yourself or your estate $100,000 by doing so.
Survivalism: If I were to go off the grid, how long would it take for the government to forget about my student loans?
If you can't or won't pay off your loans, go overseas.u00a0 The government's ability to garnish your pay is limited to known jobs within the country (possibly also companies with a US presence/HQ as well).Once you're outside the country you're free of these obligations, although the moral question of taking money and not paying it back remains.u00a0 It's less about living off the grid then it is about working off the grid (outside the tax system in essence).u00a0 If you're self employed and take cash only, you'll be difficult to track from the IRS point of view (even if you get stopped by the cops owing money isn't a problem, as long as it isn't a fine).u00a0 Pay off your tickets.u00a0 This brings up a related point however, once you stop paying for your student loans, fines are going to accrue and probably double the amount you owe.u00a0 Interest is likewise going accrue. Ultimately you may be unsuccessful in avoiding having to pay your loans, especially if you return to the country.u00a0 You'll then face having to deal with a much larger sum of money owed to some slimy collection agency.u00a0 Do you really want this financial disaster looming over your future?Other more logical possibilities include seeking debt counsel, you can probably either defer payment legally, or pay a nominal negotiated amount per month.u00a0 Your college should have someone who can help advise you on such legal courses of action.u00a0 In general facing financial obligations is cheaper and a lot less hassle in the end than avoiding them.I write this as someone who has been in your position and who, over many years did succeed in paying off these loans.u00a0 Avoiding payment was not wise, and I hope you'll avoid this costly lesson.Best of luck.
A client did not pay me for software work. What should I do? Can I e-mail his customers and let them know their accountant did this? Can I be sued for that?
Do not ever e-mail the clients. The scum bag will sue you.I am not reporting legal advice. I have had more than my fair share of troubles.One guy in Florida basically tried to turn me into his slave while I was there. Thatu2019s a long story. They were Jamaicans. It took a while for me to understand that they had gotten all of their money through Ponzi Scheme in Jamaica. And, they werenu2019t ever going to pay me, and they certainly werenu2019t going to give me traveling money to get back to my house. I would say that I lost my house because of getting tangled up with them. They kept me in Florida, and I could not come back to California to my house to find work and start making payments. When I got back, the bank started giving me the run around. Four years later and a law suit with the bank, they just simply took it. Once the house was in a state of foreclosure, there was no way to get back in good with the bank. I filled out a lot of modification forms, all of which resulted in a lovely note from the bank saying that I made too much money to be helped. The bank, and the Jamaicans played the system. Programmers tend to just program.By the way, the Jamaicans even conned Donald Trump.Suing them was suggested to me by the Dade County Sheriffs Department. But, I did not pursue the suit because of how much money that took. Also, there is the time factor.But, there are a lot of clients I should have sued. One couple wrote me a stock certificate for pay and then shut down their company. Another group of clients had their stuff on my host, but they refused to pay to move it to their host. They also refused to pay for hosting. When I couldnu2019t pay for the host anymore they called me and asked what happened to their content.There was a project that ended up successful. But, for a prototype I put in a timed shutdown, pending payment. I ended up having to pay for the disks to be copied. They took it out of my payment which they gave me before I fixed it. But, they also finished the project with me.So, be careful about shutting down the web site. The guy might sue over that even though he owes you money.There was another guy who was sure to be the next Steve Jobs, so he thought. His checks bounced regularly. He didnu2019t pay much. He picked up women in front of me at Apple conferences and acted like that mad him bigger than me. In the mean time, his wife was pregnant with his fourth child. She was not at home though, because she was down at the corporation making the family income. The guy sent his lawyer after me to make sure that I didnu2019t use any of his intellectual property.My father was a lawyer still at that time. (And, my father has long gone to his reward.) But, my dad simply had me write a letter to the guyu2019s lawyer telling him that I would be happy to discard his materials and ask if the guy would ever make his last installment after so many of his checks bounced. (They bounced at awkward times, like when I was taking a girl friend on a road trip to SF. And, the guy tried to make me feel guilty that I was spending some of the money he was supposed to pay having a nice day with a girl.)So, my dad simply made it clear to me that once the guyu2019s lawyer understood that he really had no money to pay for his legal fees, that the lawyer would sweetly go away. And, he did.So, you have a few cards in your hand. Do it yourself law (DIY law) might be enough. Small claims might work. His lawyer might sweetly go away.As for the Jamaicans, someone else sued them and likely won. I had difficulty finding a lawyer in Florida. California was a little easier. But, I certainly thought about talking to the lawyers of the guy who sued.So, likely someone else has sued your scumbag. They can do it again.
How do I fill out a 1120 tax report?
If you are not sophisticated with taxes, DON'T try this form. You can get yourself in a lot of trouble.u00a0 Get a good CPA or EA.u00a0 The time and effort it will take you to figure this thing out is not worth it. If you value your time at more than the minimum wage, you will save time and money by hiring a professional.
Why don't schools teach children about taxes and bills and things that they will definitely need to know as adults to get by in life?
Departments of education and school districts always have to make decisions about what to include in their curriculum.u00a0 There are a lot of life skills that people need that aren't taught in school.u00a0 The question is should those skills be taught in schools?I teach high school, so I'll talk about that.u00a0 The typical high school curriculum is supposed to give students a broad-based education that prepares them to be citizens in a democracy and to be able to think critically.u00a0 For a democracy to work, we need educated, discerning citizens with the ability to make good decisions based on evidence and objective thought.u00a0 In theory, people who are well informed about history, culture, science, mathematics, etc., and are capable of critical, unbiased thinking, will have the tools to participate in a democracy and make good decisions for themselves and for society at large.u00a0 In addition to that, they should be learning how to be learners, how to do effective, basic research, and collaborate with other people.u00a0 If that happens, figuring out how to do procedural tasks in real life should not prmuch of a challenge.u00a0 We can't possibly teach every necessary life skill people need, but we can help students become better at knowing how to acquire the skills they need.u00a0 Should we teach them how to change a tire when they can easily consult a book or search the internet to find step by step instructions for that?u00a0 Should we teach them how to balance a check book or teach them how to think mathematically and make sense of problems so that the simple task of balancing a check book (which requires simple arithmetic and the ability to enter numbers and words in columns and rows in obvious ways) is easy for them to figure out.u00a0 If we teach them to be good at critical thinking and have some problem solving skills they will be able to apply those overarching skills to all sorts of every day tasks that shouldn't be difficult for someone with decent cognitive abilityu00a0 to figure out.u00a0 It's analogous to asking why a culinary school didn't teach its students the steps and ingredients to a specific recipe.u00a0 The school taught them about more general food preparation and food science skills so that they can figure out how to make a lot of specific recipes without much trouble.u00a0 They're also able to create their own recipes.So, do we want citizens with very specific skill sets that they need to get through day to day life or do we want citizens with critical thinking, problem solving, and other overarching cognitive skills that will allow them to easily acquire ANY simple, procedural skill they may come to need at any point in their lives?
Is it illegal for my boss to fill out the tax papers to tell them how much to take out?
It would be illegal for an employer to fill out a W-4 form for you.However, if you have not signed a W-4 form and given it to your employer, the employer is still required to withhold taxes. If I remember correctly they must do as if you'd filled out the form as single with exemptions.If you want to change what your employer is withholding, you should be able to go to Internal Revenue Service, print out a W-4 form, fill it out and give it to your employer.If after that your withholding doesn't change in a reasonable time (I think they're allowed a couple of weeks), then talk to the IRS.
How do I fill out services tax?
HelloTwo cases here.You want to make service tax payment: Click this link to move the Service tax payment page on ACES site. EASIESTYou need to fill service tax return.Other than the paid software in the market. You can fill it from two utilities.a. St-3 offline utility.b. Online in aces website.Excel utility procedure is here: A separate excel utility is launched by the department for April to June 17 period. You can download utility from here. ACESu2019s Excel Utility for e-filing of ST-3/ ST-3C (Service Tax Return) for Apr. 2023 to Jun. 2017Going with the excel utility.You need to enable macro when you open excel. Excel asks to enable them when you open this file.Worksheet (Return): You need to fill the information of your company, service tax number, Type of return (Original), Constituion (e.g private limited company) and description of services. Validate the sheet and click next, you will get more tabs in the excel workbook after click next.Worksheet (Payable Services(1)): It includes the services provided, export and tax, taxable services under reverse charge. The sheet calculates the taxes by default after filling the necessary info of outward supplies.Paid-Service: Need to mention the tax paid in cash and by input credit recd. from your supplier of services. Separate figures of ST, KKC and SBC to be provided.Challan-Service: All the challan number and amountCenvat: This sheet comprises your opening cenvat as on 1st April 17 and credit taken and availed. You closing balance of Taxes in your account books should match with the closing balance in this sheet.Hope this answer your queries.Please upvote if this answer your queries. Thanks
How do you fill out tax forms?
I strongly recommend purchasing a tax program, Turbo tax, H&R block etc.These programs will ask you questions and they will fill out the forms for you.You just print it out and mail it in. (with a check, if you owe anything)I used to use an accountant but these programs found more deductions.
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