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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing can the irs refile a tax lien

Instructions and Help about can the irs refile a tax lien

Everybody dave sullivan here for the credit guy TV my number one video that i've done so far has been removing a tax lien an IRS tax lien from your credit report and i actually had a client that went out and followed my instructions and actually got it removed under that new program that i announced about a year ago so what i want to do is take you through the documentation that they used step by step to get that removed so that you can follow these instructions easily and then get it removed on your own so let's take a look at that now okay i want to run you through this form real quick the application for withdrawal of filed tax lien its form twelve to seventy seven and a link with this form is on my facebook page under the notes section so if you want to jump on there under forward slash the credit guy under the notes section you'll be able to find a link to this form directly but you put in the taxpayer name social security number you can leave this blank if you're doing this yourself address city state zip phone number you should already have this form you should have gotten this form when the tax lien was established and that form looks like this you're going to include this form with the application okay so you should be able to find that if you can't find that you'll have to request a new copy but you need to have this form in order to do it you're going to fill this all out and then for number number ten you're going to say open released or unknown whatever the appropriate status is and then in question eleven you're going to check this box unless one of these apply this is the one that you want to check to get it removed from your report now question twelve I would say something along the lines of this that you would like it removed under the new policy from the IRS that you've met all the qualifications and eligibility and you're going to want to actually print this out and mail it to the three repositories along with everything else to mail mail it certified mail of course is what how you want to send that out but then and then sign it and put it together with the 688 668 y form and that letter and then you're going to mail it to this one of these addresses wherever you reside wherever that tax lien I'm sorry was established like I said I'll have a link to all these on the Facebook page but it really depends on where the tax lien was recorded where you send that form in it's that easy now it's going to take maybe one or two months to get that done but it's a lot better than having that on your.