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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Do i have a federal tax lien

Instructions and Help about Do i have a federal tax lien

If you received a notice of federal tax lien from the IRS you need to take action your property and your rights are at risk you must not wait the plain truth is you should never ignore any IRS notice we at Britton associates would be happy to explain to you in detail all the possible consequences and your legal options if you have received a notice of federal tax lien the notice of federal tax lien is very simply the written notice by the IRS that it claims a lien or right against whatever property you may own it claims a right against your assets normally the IRS will file it in the local courthouse where tax record court property records are kept a federal tax lien affects three things your property rights your IRS appeal rights as well as your credit rating the notice of federal tax lien has three key items of information the first is the date of the notice and that determines the deadlines that you must file any appeal to the IRS second it gives the officer and the address to whom you must address any appeal third it gives the type of tax the year tax year involved for that tax the amount of that tax in addition it gives the assessment date the assessment date is important because it gives the start of the 10 year statute of limitations for collection the notice of federal tax lien can have a severe and dramatic impact on your financial condition all three credit reporting agencies will normally report the federal tax lien thus affecting your credit rating in addition the federal tax lien attaches to all property including any equity that you may have thus if you sell or pay off a particular piece of property the IRS collects in addition the IRS tax lien remains in full force and effect until you pay it off in full thus if you have a $1,000,000 tax lien even though you may only a one dollar of that federal tax lien it will still show owing $1,000,000 aid and for what can you do essentially there are four options first you can request a collections due process hearing you must request its collections due process hearing within 35 days of the notice of federal tax lien and you must file it with the collections officer that sent the notice this is a write that's given to you under the taxpayer Bill of Rights second you may be able to enter into an installment agreement either a full payment installment agreement or a partial payment installment agreement third you might be able to make an offer in compromise there are three types of offers and for payment plans fourth in certain cases you may be able to file a bankruptcy some taxes are dischargeable even if not dischargeable you may be able to get more favorable terms under a bankruptcy we can give you help on.


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